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  • Jennifer Riggs-Miller Boyd, Nurse, Wexford

    Mary O'Leary, you are a miracle worker. I've had three sessions now out of ten and am beginning to feel like a new woman! Have had 'frozen shoulder ' like symptoms all winter with very limited movement in my right shoulder. I tried all sorts but Mary seems to be doing the trick! I now have about 80% movement back in my shoulder and my crooked stiff body is gradually becoming a lot more supple!!! So glad I discovered you and Rolf Structural Integration! Keep up the magical work!! From one happy customer!!

    Olivia Doyle, Wexford

    I started receiving Rolf Structural Integration from Mary as I had suffered with pain after a severe car accident 12 years previous. My whole body was affected but I especially had pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. My spine had been pushed towards the right, causing a severe scoliosis, as in the car accident I had been hit from the right. I had looked for help in many places over the years and felt desperate for any relief. After a few sessions I felt my body beginning to return to balance. Again the end of the sessions the pain in my back, neck and shoulders had eased and disappeared. My energy levels increased and sleeping improved. My family also noticed that I was walking straighter and taller. My spine has improved immensly and I it is nearly back where it should be. Olivia Doyle

    Gavin Shannon, Builder

    I have had back pain for years, including a slipped disk. Since going to Mary at The Posture Studio not only has my posture improved, I can stand more comfortably, my shoulders are looser. The pain in my back has improved, it hasn't been as good since before the disc went. Work and everyday life is easier, including bending down to put on boots.

    Judy Dickinson, Louisville, Colorado

    I am an older woman my 70's with bursitis in my hip and a very stiff neck. The 10 series of Rolf Structural Integration with Mary brought relief that I had not being able to find in any other way. Thank you for your help Mary.

    Patrick Meehan, Business Owner Wexford

    I was suffering with severe back pain and discomfort in a number of joints. After receiving Structural Integration from Mary my aches and pains have resolved and back is significantly better. I've noticed improvements in my posture.

    Ruth Finn, Wexford

    Daily activities such as washing my hair, taking off my clothes, picking up my children were a constant struggle. Since receiving the 10 sessions of Rolf Structural Integration the pain and stiffness has left my shoulder and allowed freer movement and still 6 months after the sessions the shoulder feels great. My lower back/pelvic region is now much freer and bending is easier and quicker. I can lift and pick up my kids with ease and without discomfort and my daily chores is no longer a struggle. I feel like my body has been oiled and I am more active. I can now take on more challenges and exercise. Mary has relieved areas of discomfort that I had learned to live with for about 10 years ago or more.

    Mary Rowe,Wexford

    Mary's approach unlocked many knotted muscles and areas of tension that many other alternative practitioners were unable to do. In particular my problem areas were my back, neck, shoulders and ankle. Mary helped improve my pain and free up tense muscles as well as clearing old injuries through a whole-body approach. In particular it was in Session 7 that Mary released years of tension that I had held in my mouth and jaw as result of a lifelong fear of the dentist! My trips to the dentist since have been much more manageable.

    Aileen O Connor, Business Owner, Wexford

    Mary O Leary you are just a little angel, honestly you have given me a body of a 25 year old woman. I have come to you now for 3 sessions each year for about 3 years. It has helped me so much. I used to have to get physio and go to an osteopath every 6 weeks and thanks to you I don't need that any more. Highly recommend this to anyone with inner body pain.

    Holly Ditslear. Nursing Manager, Colorado

    For years I have had severe back, neck and knee problems. I was not able to walk or do much exercise without being in pain. After my first session wih Mary I was able to get out of bed with less pain. Soon after I began an exercise program that included daily walks, and I am now losing weight. I can be on my feet after a long day of work and not be in pain. I recently went on a trip which included a long plane ride; this was something I usually dreaded due to the pain. I was able to ride in comfort and not worry about my pain. I believe that this has all been due to the Structural Integration I received from Mary. She was able to do things that no one else has been able to do which was stop the pain and give me back some energy. She introduced me to something that has had long term results and something I would highly recommend.

    Cathy Poole, Longmont, Colorado

    Mary was extremely focused while working with me. As the ten series progressed she really helped me through her work. This is my second time receiving the 10 series, and I find the work to extremely beneficial and really help physical transformation. Mary knows first-hand the power of transformation that Rolf Structural Integration can have on the human structure, which I know she will continue to share this with all those her enter her practice.

    Niamh Roche, Nutritional Therapist, Wexford

    Thanks Mary for Rolfing sessions. I found I got great results from it and my body and posture has improved relieving tension knots and niggly pains and old posture habits. I would highly recommend Mary to help realign your body and sort your posture out. Well worth the investment!!

    Shelly Bivins Schmidt, Boulder, Colorado

    Chronic hip pain was one of the reasons I decided to receive the 10 series from Mary. Not only has the pain associated with my hip gone away, I feel generally lighter and more comfortable. Instead of always looking at the ground when I'm walking I've found I naturally want to look ahead of me, which has made my neck feel better too!

    Niamh Foskin, Teacher Kilkenny

    I came to Mary with a lot of pain from a previous car accident and old injuries that had not been cleared properly over the years. During the course of the 10 sessions we cleared a lot of these injuries that I had accumulated, in particular the pain that I have had in my shoulder for many years has significantly lessened and I am more aware of ways to make the pain manageable.

  • Children

    Testimonials from parents

    Bridget Purcell

    My 5 week old little girl was in so much pain with wind. Mary has just come back from her course in Spain where she studied shock in the body. She worked on baby Kate and she is so much freer, sleeping snd feeding so much better. Thanks so much again Mary.


    Jenna Cullen, Mother of Naoibhe

    So after 7 years of, a harness, a brace, in casts twice, bed time splints, reverse-lass boots, orthotics in all shoes, endless amounts of Physio along with Structural Integration and lots and lots of hard work from Naoibhe we finally got the news we've been praying for...NO OPERATIONS.

    Just want to say a massive thank you to Mary O' Leary for all her hard and amazing work she's carried out on Naoibhe this last 9 months. We were told in January that Naoibhe would need an operation on both feet 😢😢 not taking this lying down we looked into alternative therapy to try help her and came across Mary who does The Rolf Method of Structural Integration having never heard of this before we gave it a try. After 10 sessions the improvement in Naoibhe's legs, feet and posture is unbelievable. So much so the specialist in Dublin couldn't believe the improvement....who even had a date set for her op as she was expecting to carry it out.
    So anyone who suffers with pain or posture issues etc. I cannot recommend The Posture Studio enough. We'll always have this road ahead of us but the most important thing is we've no operation to go through and that's all that matters. Everything else we've already overcome!!

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  • Sports

    Testimonials from people involved in sports

    Michelle O’ Leary, Inter-county Camogie Player, Wexford

    Rolf Structural Integration has helped me to feel free and released the tightness in my body which I believe has allowed me run faster. My flexibility has improved and I have noticed that my overall fitness has been easier to improve.

    I am more aware of my body and my posture and importantly I am more comfortable running. As an athlete I would recommend Structural Integration as I believe it has contributed to my fitness and recovery and therefore my game.

    Chelsea M Perri, Runner, Cyclist, Denver, Colorado

    As a result of the Structural Integration, my bunions do not really bother me at all and my feet do not get nearly as sore as they did prior to the work. My back, lats, delts and shoulders would get sore from trying to keep good posture. The Structural Integration sessions from Mary have helped to alleviate that strain I felt to maintain my posture, and now, it feels much more natural and is easier to maintain.

    Kimi Nutbey, Yoga Teacher and World Karate Tournament 2009

    Mary introduced me to Structural Integration, a very healing and effective therapy that is focussed on improving and correcting body alignment and posture. She has generously given me more insight and tips about her work which I've now integrated into my own personal practice and yoga classes. I was able to experience a first session with her and the instant results are mind-blowing. The first session out of ten focusses on the chest, shoulders, neck and hips. The space it created in my body is absolutely delicious and her work is a perfect combination with my yoga practice. Kimi Nutbey, Yoga Teacher and World Karate Tournament 2009

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    Lynn Acchione, marathon runner, “A physical therapist told me to look into Structural Integration to heal a long time running injury. I had tried several other therapies but they only provided temporary results. Structural Integration keeps my body aligned, preventing injury by not allowing my body to make compensations due to misalignment. It has improved my flexibility and keeps my hips loose, which increases endurance and speed. I have finally gone over a year without any running injuries!”


    Alex O’Brien, professional tennis player In the year 2000 Alex was ranked #1 in the world in doubles. Alex has been receiving Structural Integration work for the past two years. He states, “after Structural Integration my body seemed more at ease, my serve was stronger, I had improved range of motion, I had increased agility and I used less energy getting to the ball- it was incredible.”


    Hunter Allen, professional cyclist, Hunter raced for over 17 years internationally and in the US, achieving over 40 victories throughout his career. In 1996 he retired as a professional cyclist and started Peaks Endurance Coaching. “There was an incredible amount of change in my muscles, they became more supple, less sore and didn’t fatigue as quickly.” says, Hunter. “I recommend Structural Integration to cyclists because it helps them to make changes in their body and ultimately improve their form.”


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