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    Each section has articles and videos about Rolf Structural Integration or Anatomy in Motion. This is an information page only. Click on the headings below or scroll.

  • General Info on Rolf Structural Integration

    There is a selection from various practitioners of Structural Integration around the world. All the articles are about the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, but may mention different brands such as KMI, Heller work or Rolfing. As there is a limited number of articles for The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, I have included articles from all schools. All these brands are based on the basic 10 series created by Dr. Ida Rolf but have traded marked their individual brand names. I attended the Guild for Structural Integration which was founded by Ida Rolfs first two teachers, and teaches the Rolf Method of Structural Integration.

    Short Video comparing Structural Integration and Massage. click here


    Video showing how 2 hours of Structural Integration/Rolfing changed one mans body. Click here.


    Video explain Structural Integration. click here


    Video explaning the 10 series in under a minute .:) click here


    Rolfing Structural Integration versus Physical Therapy. Click here.


    Rolfing, Transformative method of Structural Integration . Click here


    Oprah and Rolfing Structural Integration. Click here.


    Pain and Structural Integration

    Article on how Structural Integration can help back pain. click here.

    How Structural Integration works to relieve pain. click here.


    How Rolfing Structural Integration helped one lady's pain. click here

    Structural Integration in the workplace

    This is a clip from May 8, 1997 on WCCO TV talking about how Rolfing Structural Integration affected Starkey Laboratories’ workers compensation costs. Click here.


    Introduction to Rolfing/ Structural Integration by Medicare. click here


    Improving Posture and General Health

    Improve your lower back and pelvic floor health. Click here


    Video on the benefits of Good Posture. click here


    Life long effects of a sprained ankle. click here


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  • Anatomy in Motion

    articles and videos showing how AiM works and its benefits.


    A presentation form Gary Ward creator of Anatomy in Motion. click here


    Gary Ward helps a client on BBC's Doctor in the House. click here

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  • Sports, Musicans and Rolf Structural Integration

    Here are some videos and articles about Structural Integration and its various brands including Rolfing, KMI and Hellerwork help Athletes

    Structural Integration and Artistic Performance A short video about world famous pianist Leon Fleisher’s use of Rolfing to recover from debilitating wrist and hand pain. Click here.

    Sports and Rolf Structural Integration

    Olympic Hopeful Tolu Wusu Talks about Structural Integration with Rich Ennis Rolfing. click here

    How Structural Integration can help running injuries. click here.


    How Structural Integration/Rolfing can help endurance athletes. click here

    Professionl baseball players have use Structural Integration for the past 25 years. Click here


    A short video segment about how the NFL Minnesota Vikings use Rolfing Structural Integration to keep their players ready for game day. Click here


    Professional Footballer with Seattle Seahawks, Golden Tate on Doing Sports Rolfing with Stolzoff Sportworks. Click here.


    Sports Testimonials: click here

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  • Children and Rolf Structural Integration

    Robert Topeak on how Structural Integration helps Children. click here.


    CEREBRAL PALSY In Stanford study, Rolfing/ Structural Integration show promise as way to improve motor skills. click here.


    Video showing Structural Integration/Rolfing and children. click here


    For Testimonials: click here

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  • Recommended Reading

    Here are books and sites that are I have found helpful in regards to health, posture or wellbeing.


    Bond, Mary, The New Rules of Posture, How to Sit, Stand and Move, Healing Arts Press, 2007


    For more information on Structural Integration and its schools. click here.

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