• How the Ten Series Works!!

    In this album you will find pictures accompanied by a short explanation for each session

  • Initial Sessions:1-3 The “Sleeve” sessions

    The surface layers of connective tissue are loosened and balanced. The arms, ribcage, diaphragm, upper leg, hamstrings, neck, spine, foot and muscles of the hips and lower leg are worked on.

    The 10 series


    Each individual session has different goals, but they are linked in

    that altogether they combine to bring about a more balanced body with less pain and easier, improved range of movement. At the end of each session a client will also receive back work, and neck work. For any more questions on why 10 sessions or how often, etc see FAQ's click here.


    Initial Sessions: “Opening the Sleeve” (1-3) The surface layers of connective tissue are loosened and balanced.

    Session 1

    The rib cage is worked on which improves breathing. A full breath provides better support for the shoulder, ribcage and neck. Also tissue around hip, thighs, chest and shoulder girdle are loosened.

    Session 2

    Releases the lower leg, balances ankles and feet and lengthens

    the back, helps to undo any damage from sprained ankles lower leg injuries etc. Starts to get better movement in the spine. The whole body feels better supported after this session, the feet feel more grounded and looser.

    Session 3

    Lengthens the sides from hip to shoulder, releases the

    shoulders and back. The shoulders and pelvis will have more movement. Twisting, bending and turning in all directions becomes more fluid and effortless.

  • Middle Sessions: “Organizing the Core” (4-7)

    Session 4

    The area found between the bottom of the pelvis and top of the head is examined.

    Inside the legs are lengthened and balanced from ankle to sit bone. How a client walks and stands will stand will noticeably start to change.

    Session 5

    Organization of the rectus and psoas, which helps the lower

    back relax and drop back. Work on shoulders and arms. A noticable change can be seen from the sideview of the body, there will be more ease in the lower back and shoulders.

    Session 6

    The lower pole (body):

    Organization of heels, hamstrings and sacrum. The body will start to feel longer. People notice that it feels easier to sit taller.


    Session 7

    The upper pole (body): The crowning session

    Organization of arms, neck, jaw and face. The head and neck is the released and after this session the whole body can lenghten. The head feels lighter, and sinus and jaw and released. The neck has more movement. A client looks and feels taller.


  • Completion Series: “Integration” (8-10)

    The last three sessions retrace the steps of the pervious ten. The integration sessions teach the body and nervous system to work with the changes already in the body, these sessions reprogram movements and ensure the changes last.

    Session 8

    Integrating the lower girdle (legs with core)

    Work from foot to lower back. All the lower body is worked on, the legs and lower body feel lighter, looser and more flexible.

    Session 9

    Integrating the upper girdle

    Integrating the upper girdle arms with the core and differentiating shoulders from head and neck. All the upper body is worked on. The whole body feels lighter, and more flexible. A new body!

    Session 10

    Integrating both girdles around the diaphragm

    All the four parts of the body are brought together. The whole body is worked on and integrated. The person feels more flexible and free in sitting, standing, and movement. A body feels younger.

    For any more questions on why 10 sessions or how often, etc see FAQ's click here.

  • Gallery

    The pictures below show the changes that can happen during and after the 10 series. A clients body continues to change for up to a year after they have completed the series. And the changes are permanent. For testimonials click here.


    For videos and articles showing change click here

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  • After the Series

    What happens once you finish the 10 series?


    The changes that happen to the body and posture during the 10 series are lasting. However your body is like your car. With your car you get the oil checked and you get it serviced regularly, to keep it working effectively. Like your car your body needs to be kept in running order. It is recommended that a client gets 3 sessions every 1 to 2 years spaced out over a couple of months. This is to clear any new stress or injuries that have accumulated in the body. If a client suffers a fall or injury it recommended to get a session to prevent the build-up of injured tissue.

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