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    At the moment all sessions are booked up , I am currently not taking on new clients. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    Mary O’ Leary runs the Posture Studio is several locations throughout County Wexford. Mary is a registered Practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. The Posture Studio logo shows what changes happen in the body with a combination of these treatments, a more aligned balanced body. Rolf Structural Integration works to help you feel like a "NEW YOU" as you rest, work and play by aligning the entire body. Scroll below to find out more.

    The same movements/ postures done every day eventually become habits. In addition, previous injury, stress, lifestyle habits can all make slight changes to how you move or stand, which leads to new habits and not always good ones. Over time, habits become normal, or at least what your body perceives as normal. Your body is simply adapting to make your habit more efficient. However, making one habit more efficient can lead to new strain in your body.


    Treatments at The Posture Studio are about helping YOUR body return to a more balanced state. Our job is to help identify and correct these changes to help you return to balance. The whole body structure is assessed, as pain in your neck and shoulder could be a symptom of a hip rotation, fallen arch or injury elsewhere in the body. The truth is, the site of pain is rarely the true problem. The site of pain is often simply the physical evidence that the body is compensating for something, and is therefore no longer balanced. Identifying how and why your body is compensating, and then correcting these habits, is the primary goal.


    Tissue manipulation and specific joint movements are used to reposition the body, then gentle exercises specific to your body and habits are given to reinforce this change, all this helps re-educate structure, posture and movement.

  • Who Rolf Structural Integration and Anatomy in Motion (AiM) can help:

    People of all ages, from children to the elderly, benefit from postural balance and alignment. Some seek out Rolf Structural Integration and AiM or Trauma work to alleviate chronic pain issues. Others undergo the series as a preventative means for greater health and well-being.
    "When the body becomes more aligned through Rolfing, the posture can become taller, straighter and free from chronic pain." IDA P. Rolf qoute.

    How can The Posture Studio  and Anatomy in Motion help back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain?

    How can we help you?

    Hypertension and headaches- Trauma- Elbow and shoulder problems- Scoliosis-

    Back pain and neck pain- Whiplash injuries-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Anxiety and breathing problems- Knee and hip pain-Foot problems- Jaw pain- Scar tissue- Sports Injuries and Performance

    If we haven't mentioned your particular ailment or illness - call anyway and we may be able to help you

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  • Benefits of Rolf Structural Integration and Anatomy in Motion

    Overall, at The Posture Studio we strive to improve your quality of life and heighten your sense of well-being in all that you do. We work collaboratively to refine and improve your abilities in sports, work, favorite hobbies, and day-to-day activities.

    How the Posture Studio and Anatomy in Motion helps back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain and improve posture and movement.
    • Relief from chronic pain, tension and stress

    Click here for a link to articles and videos about how we can help athletes, children and improve pain and posture.

  • What happens with Structural Integration ?

    The ‘recipe’ of the 10-session series is a systematic approach to re-balancing and reorganizing the entire body in all three dimensions in gravity!

    How does Rolf Structural Integration and Anatomy in Motion help posture, neck pain, and back pain?

    It is a collaborative journey between the client and practitioner and operates

    as a process treating the client’s entire structure from head-to-toe, instead of treating

    his/her symptoms. In the sessions, we bring change to the soft tissue (muscles and fascia) throughout the entire body, through tissue manipulation and joint movements.


    Each session focuses on different terrains of the body, ultimately relating each part to the whole structure, and each has their own specific intention. Structural Integration focuses on re-balancing your entire structure by lengthening and releasing the tissue, which enwraps every organ, muscle, bone, nerve and blood vessels.

    Sessions 1-3: The “Sleeve” sessions

    The surface layers of connective tissue are loosened and balanced. The arms, ribcage, diaphragm, upper leg, hamstrings, neck, spine, foot and muscles of the hips and lower leg are worked on.


    Sessions 4-7: The “Core" sessions

    The area found between the bottom of the pelvis and top of the head is examined. In these sessions the deep tissue of the legs and their role in support are addressed.



    Session 8-10: The “Integration” sessions

    These blend previously established advancements and ones yet to be made, into the body. This way encourages smooth movement and natural coordination to inspire a sense of order and balance.


    Not sure about the 10? Come for 1, if that helps come for 2 and 3 and then decide! Click here for more about the 10 series

    Ida Rolf creator of Rolfing Structural Integration.

    Who developed Structural Integration ?

    Dr. Ida P. Rolf PH. D

    In the 1930's Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph. D acclaimed US scientist and pioneer of complementary medicine started to develop Structural Integration. Ida studied osteopathy, yoga and other therapies to develop Structural Integration.


    Is Rolfing the same as Structural Integration?

    Dr. Ida Rolf called her work The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, a name that is descriptive of the process. Rolfing was originally a nickname for the work derived from her name and is now trademarked by one school The Rolfing Institute. Two of the main schools for The Rolf Method of Structural Integration are The Guild for Structural Integration and The Institute for Sturctural Integration. The International Association for Structural Integration has information on all the schools. For more info click here.


    “Rolfing is permanent. As one student put it, after you’re Rolfed you’re like a Jaguar. No matter how long you drive a Jaguar, it’s not going to turn into a Ford. That’s a very good emotional answer. It’s beautiful because it appeals to all levels.” –Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. Quote

  • Neural Mobilization

    Mary has studied Neural Mobilization over the past few years.

    Neural Mobilization integrates effectively with Rolf Structural Integration as they are both a whole body approach and help facilitate healing at a deeper level.

    Why work with nerves? You cannot work with muscles without affecting nerves and vice versa. We have roughly 72 KM of nerves in our body and roughly 15,000 nerve endings per sq. inch (a lot of these near the skin's surface) and if some of those nerves are restricted, that can lead to chronic pain.


    When the body's nerve fascia is restricted and fails to glide, the entire system becomes pre-occupied with the irritated nerves. Reducing this “pre-occupation” is necessary for reducing pain and restoring optimal function. Tension in the nerves can lead to inhibited muscle contraction, restricted spinal movement, restrictions in organs, altered coordination in the brain and asymmetric postural displays.


    Neural Mobilization finds areas of neural fascial restriction/inflammation that leads to structural imbalances and then works to release these restrictions through specific hands on release techniques in areas of the body where the nerves are close to the surface or bunched together. For example nerves that affect the legs can be accessed in the stomach near the colon, once these are released the leg and foot is stronger and more flexible.


    For information about the courses Mary completed visit: www.jonathanmartine.com

  • Trauma Release

    This service is available upon request.


    Do you feel like the slightest touch is extremely painful, that every part of your body hurts? Then Trauma Release may be for you?

    The field of Rolfing Structural Integration is increasingly informed by what we have come to understand about the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and how, through that system, trauma becomes embedded in the flesh. Automatic Nervous System responses can be accessed and regulated through specific styles of touch. Trauma can be released from the body and nervous system through gentle touch based on Rolf Structural Integration.


    Mary combines gentle trauma work, TMJ reset and gentle neural release to help people whose body is in severe chronic pain or suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), trauma recovery and post-surgery, people with PTSD or after an accident. Sometimes people's nervous system is on fire and this needs to be calmed down, and alignment is not the priority. The Trauma work is done over 2 or 3 sessions.


    Mary has studied Trauma, Touch and the Nervous System under Dr. Pedro Prado. He is a clinical psychologist and former professor of Somatic Psychology, a member of the Advanced and Movement faculties of the Rolf Institute®; and an Advanced Instructor for the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute. (Founded by Peter Levine)


  • Mary O Leary, Rolf Structural Integration, Anatomy in Motion, Wexford, Ireland

    About Mary O Leary:

    I suffered crippling pains in my shoulder and hip for 4 years. As a Primary School teacher and active sports person, this injury affected all aspects of my life. After trying many mainstream and holistic treatments to no avail, I heard about Rolf Structural Integration. I received the 10 series and it helped me let go of old injuries and regain my vitality and full mobility and have returned to the sports and active lifestyle that I love. Anatomy in Motion showed me a completely new way of movement education for my own life and to teach others.


    I decided to study Rolf Structural Integration and studied at The Guild for Structural Integration. Since then I have worked and studied in the USA and in mainland Europe including Neural Mobilization and Trauma Release techniques. I have studied Anatomy in Motion with its creator Gary Ward. I am the first Practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration and Anatomy in Motion in Wexford and the South East.

  • Postural Changes from Rolf Structural Integration

    Below are pictures that show the changes that happened to posture after the 10 series of Rolf Structural Integration!

    Client Posture Improvements

    This is a before and after photo of a client who attended The Posture Studio. The picture clearly show the changes that occurred in the client's body after receiving the 10 series of Rolf Structural Integration.

    Posture changes

    Here is a picture of the changes that happened to my posture after receiving the 10 series of Rolf Structural Integration in college.

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  • Testimonials for The Posture Studio!

    See what clients have to say!!

    Changes in back pain and neck pain after Structural Integration.

     See how one of my client's posture and

    back has changed.

    The first picture shows the strain in Tess' upper back and neck before receiving Structural Integration.

    After 10 sessions the strain has not only eased and lessened, she also now stands and feels taller. Tess Hunneybell "It's a miracle, I never thought I would be able to stand up straight, I have a new back and neck" .


    Keep scrolling for more Testimonials!

    Jenna Cullen, Mother of Naoibhe

    So after 7 years of, a harness, a brace, in casts twice, bed time splints, reverse-lass boots, orthotics in all shoes, endless amounts of Physio along with Structural Integration and lots and lots of hard work from Naoibhe we finally got the news we've been praying for...NO OPERATIONS.

    Just want to say a massive thank you to Mary O' Leary for all her hard and amazing work she's carried out on Naoibhe this last 9 months. We were told in January that Naoibhe would need an operation on both feet 😢😢 not taking this lying down we looked into alternative therapy to try help her and came across Mary who does The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, having never heard of this before we gave it a try. After 10 sessions the improvement in Naoibhe's legs, feet and posture is unbelievable. So much so the specialist in Dublin couldn't believe the improvement....who even had a date set for her op as she was expecting to carry it out.
    So anyone who suffers with pain or posture issues etc. I cannot recommend The Posture Studio enough. We will always have this road ahead of us but the most important thing is we've no operation to go through and that's all that matters. Everything else we've already overcome!!


    Joanne Power, Nurse, Wexford

    I came for Structural Integration as I had severe hip, groin and back pain that resulted in me limping very badly, preventing me from exercise or even walking. I had gone several places for help but none could. During my second pregnancy, this pain increased resulting in me having to wear the pelvic belt. After that pregnancy, I came to Mary to see if she could help. Since then I’ve had a dramatic improvement, I ‘m no longer in pain or limp. I have been pregnant since and I felt really comfortable and remained active throughout the pregnancy. I am now back exercising and playing with my children, thanks to Mary and Structural Integration.


    Shay Hammell, Butcher and Business Owner, Wexford

    “I feel great, I feel taller like my body has been pulled up with a string. My body feels looser, I stand all day with my job, and now when I am standing I am more comfortable. I no longer feel like an old man when I am sitting in the car I can easily sit up straight and don’t slouch anymore. My shoulders, back and neck are looser and the movement is better. I used to cramp in my legs while cycling but I haven’t had any cramps since I started receiving Structural Integration at the Posture Studio. I’m delighted with the work I have received from Mary”.


    Finola Foley, Holistic Practitioner, Wexford

    Had 1 session with Mary and already my shoulder pain has relieved, I am breathing better and feeling great. Looking forward to the next session. Thanks a million Mary


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  • The Posture Studio  helps back pain in Evanna, Wexford and Evolv Enniscorthy

    Locations for The Posture Studio in Wexford

    Appointments are avaliable in the following locations:


    For more information call 085-7835399 or



  • Prices and Bookings for The Posture Studio Wexford

    Covered by Aviva and Glo Health through the IMTA

    The sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes each and cost E80 including one free 30 min.  session as part of the 10 series. Fees are payable per session by cash or cheque.

    Introductory Offer: 30 minute introductory sessions for E30. Special Offers on Facebook The Posture Studio.

    Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice required, meaning that E20 is chargeable if the cancellation is made within this period. Please text cancellation notice to: 0857835399.


    Do I have to sign up for the 10 sessions straight away? No, come for 1 session and see how you feel. Three sessions are a great introduction to the work. The sessions can be spread out from over 10 weeks to over a year or two.



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    Anatomy in Motion

    For more information about Anatomy in Motion (AIM) visit https://www.findingcentre.co.uk/ or http://www.whatthefoot.co.uk/


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